A Roadmap to Online Success

You know things that other people don’t, right? Of course you do! Maybe you’re really good at gardening, painting, building muscle, fishing… anything. Chances are you have knowledge that somebody else wants.​ And you can monetize those skills.

Most people have their "thing", one of my friends is a wizard at fishing, another is amazing at editing papers, my sister is a great singer/songwriter... none of them are selling their skills but they could be! They could be making anything from simple online courses to large scale train

ing programs on their "tips and tricks" or their "hacks" to be successful at their specific hobby... and you could too.

The amazing thing about the internet is that it is a way to broadcast your product to the entire world. People might think nobody is going to buy their 'top ten editing hacks to get an A on your next paper' checklist but I GUARANTEE you there are at least a handful of the 7 billion people in this world that would love to spend $5, $10 or more on a quick few tips to better their marks in school.

First Thing You Have To Do Of Course Is.... Find A Niche

This might go without saying but I want to stress this point. You have to pick an area you want to focus on and stick with it - people need to be able to trust you and recognize you as valid source for this information. This is called building an audience which we'll go over in a minute... but first let's get this niche thing over with.

Choose something that you are passionate about. I have made the mistake of trying to pursue a niche that seemed like the most lucrative or easiest to market - it's not worth it, I lost interest and motivation and ultimately wasted time and money. My dream is to be a digital nomad and travel the world in a van so I built my brand around that idea (Vanlife and Digital Marketing). Once you have found your niche and believe in what you are teaching and preaching it all falls into place. Moving on...

Second Thing To Do: Build An Audience

You hear of people running Facebook Ads and Google Ads to get clients or increase their audience - I am confident you can start your online business with zero money spent on ads. Don't get me wrong, Facebook and Google Ads have their place but no need to mess with those until you are making solid profits.I am going to let you in on three TOP SECRET sources (jokes) to get free traffic for the rest of your life:




People voluntarily go on these platforms and search whatever it is you are going to be putting out, that means if they find your information they were intentionally searching for it. That's huge, trust me, having people find your product who are already interested is very valuable and means they will be very likely to purchase your product.I don't want to make this sound easy - it takes time to make YouTube videos, post to instagram, interact with people on your Facebook group etc. but it is the only way to create an audience that is interested in what you are saying. A magical thing about getting a subscriber/follow/group member is that they are there until they unsubscribe to what you are offering. That's free advertising over and over again! Subscribe to my newsletter and i will explain all of this in much more depth.

Let's Do A Quick Recap So Far...

You have realized that you are smart AF and decided that you are going to teach people about your "thing"

You have created a Facebook group, Instagram page and hopefully a YouTube page (I get that YouTube seems daunting but it is a big leg up)

And now you are gaining followers ... what now?

Time to direct people to your product!

Now that you have people who are interested in what you are doing you can let them know that you have some cool information that they may be interested in. For YouTube you can leave a link below the video directing them to the website where your course is hosted, if you use a facebook group you can post in the group saying that you have some cool tips to help make their life easier and post a link to your product, if you use Instagram then you can leave a link in your bio and advertise what you're selling/teaching in your posts and stories. All of these links will send your potential customer (we'll call them a lead) to your product page.Give people useful information before you start shoving a product in their face. They need to know you and know that you know what you know... lol.... but seriously, you need to offer value before you can expect somebody to be shovelling out their hard earned money. This value could be in the form of your YouTube videos, a free list of tips and tricks, an informative post before the link to your product etc. I use a software called Kartra to host my sites, courses and lead information - it's a game changer. You can use it to host courses, videos, webinars and really anything you are trying to sell. It also allows you to collect emails from people who are interested in your products so you can send email notifications later on (this is called retargeting which we'll go over below). Kartra is the single most valuable tool in my tool kit... try it out for a dollar here: https://bit.ly/kartratrialonedollar

Somebody Is Interested... How Do you Make Them A Repeat Customer?

The most important thing to do if you are trying to sell anything online is to generate an email list. You have to be able to market your products to people who are already interested in what you do. Trust me, many of your first time customers will be repeat customers because you develop a relationship with them and they see that what you are offering is worth what you are asking for it.

Once you have somebody on your email list, you can create automated emails that get sent out to every new lead (potential customer) you get. This could be a stream of 5, 10... 100 emails that get sent out giving value to your customers and ultimately advertising what you are trying to sell. The key here is adding value to every email, subscribe to my newsletter and I will expand on this topic.

Sorry, this rant went on a bit longer than expected...

That is the basis for how you could start your first successful online business, and it will work if you put your mind to it! You have to truly want it and cannot be afraid of failure and hard work because those two things will happen. I am reminded of that all the time, but if you are passionate about what you are teaching then everything will fall into place.

Subscribe to my newsletter where I will go over all of these things and more in much more detail. Follow me on the Road To Online Freedom!

PS: Check out Kartra (that amazing all-in-one software I was telling you about) it could change your life! https://bit.ly/kartratrialonedollar

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