Stop Watching From The Sidelines - A Bit Of Motivation :)

Just wanted to do a quick post to get some motivation going!

It seems crazy to me that as humans, we are able to do whatever we want. I know that sounds like a cliche and is more simply said than done but it is true... If you are working at a job you hate, in theory there is nothing stopping you from learning a new skill and starting a new career. I understand that everybody has different hurtles to get over in life but if you want something bad enough it is possible. Start learning how to do graphic design on YouTube in the evenings, learn how to do basic carpentry work from blogs, you could even hop on a site like fiverr and do something as obscure as writing subtitles for YouTube videos!

What I am getting at here is we all have the power and ability to be in charge of our future. We can sit around and daydream about the life we want to live or complain about the life we have - but that won't change anything. Make a small change today towards the future you want to have for yourself. Stop watching from the sidelines and get your piece of the pie!

#digitalnomad #motivation #youcandoit

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