Duocovery - Sprintrview #3

This is Amanda and Sam, over a year ago they packed up their lives and took off on a two and a half year trip to see the world. They started off their journey on foot, backpacking around Hawaii and various countries in South East Asia. Currently, they are exploring in a self-converted Sprinter van that they are driving from Poland to South Africa.

They started their @duocovery Instagram account and website duocovery.com to document their travels and break into the digital marketing world. This enabled them to find new employment opportunities and help fund their travels.

Amanda and Sam are living the dream in their van, even if they are held up in Morocco - I could think of worse places to be stranded during COVID-19! They are able to live their dream because they diversified their knowledge-base, learned new skills and took the leap to living in a van.

Check out what they had to say about their business and travel experience...

What sparked the decision to travel the world for two and a half years?

My name is Amanda and I’m originally from Poland. My partner, Sam, is from Montreal, Canada. In November 2018 we left our home base in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to travel the world for two and a half years. We created our Instagram account: @duocovery and our website: duocovery.com and set off to truly discover what we love and to gain experience in things we haven't had the chance to do. It was the right timing for us - once we have explored the world, we plan on buying a house which will tie us down to one place.

Where did you learn your graphic design, videography and digital marketing skills? 

I learned everything about videos, photography and website design from YouTube. I sat in front of the computer for hours and learned from the best people I could find online. There is so much information online, the greatest hurdle is having the courage to start learning.

At the beginning of our trip Sam had no idea how to properly work a camera, but now he is our main videographer, flying drones and capturing amazing underwater footage. He learned everything he knows now within the first month of the trip.

What are your main sources of income while on the road?

We are mostly living off of our savings. Our plan was to work before the trip so we didn't have to work while travelling. We had the opportunity to produce some extra cash flow and experiences as a result of us producing promotional videos.

How did you find people to work for while you were travelling?

Our first contract was through workaway.info, but we quickly realized that we had so much more to offer and the contracts were limiting. We decided to build a portfolio on our website www.duocovery.com and started sending it out to people we were interested in working with. We began by finding a destination we wanted to go to and started sending emails with propositions to work together. We would send out around ten to fifteen emails and always received a few positive replies.

What are your favourite travel hacks/pieces of gear you have?

In the van - Heated shower and our swing that we hang in between the doors - we love it!

Travel hack? Sneaking into five star resorts for some fun 😂

What would be your number one piece of advice for somebody trying to start an online business?  

Go for it! It won’t work perfectly from day one. Having a business means you'll be constantly learning - be prepared for that!

What has been the biggest struggle for you two while living nomadically?

I don’t think we are really struggling with anything. We live how we want to and we stay where we want to. If we don’t like a place, then we move on. If we love it, then we stay longer. After eight months of backpacking we decided to build a van, because we missed having a home base. Not having a home base was possibly our biggest struggle, but now we do, so life is good. 

Another struggle that everyone is now facing is the restrictions with the ongoing virus. We are currently living in our van in Morocco and are not sure when we will be able to get back on the road.

Last but not least, what is your number one travel song?

High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco

Thank you Amanda and Sam for taking the time to answer my questions for Sprintrview #3! It is always interesting to hear about all of the different ways people are achieving online success and living exactly how they want to live. Hearing about people's experiences makes me want to keep learning more everyday and reinforces the fact that working online is the way to go! I can't think of a better way to make a living if you want to have that flexibility to get up and go whenever you want.

So once again, thank you for keeping the motivation alive to continue chasing the digital nomad dream!

Thanks for reading, Sprintrview #4 is just around the corner with @werollwithit!


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